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How Can You Know You Have Rats And Mice At Home?

How Can You Know You Have Rats And Mice At Home?
04 Sep2023
Rats bid farewell to their nests in search of food, water, and breeding. Generally, the rats escape from their nests between sunset and sunrise. Rats are nocturnal, and they take to filling their stomach in hours of darkness. They choose the nighttime to be active as their safety mechanism so they can keep themselves protected from predation.
The professionals providing effective rat control services in North Shore first monitors the foraging behavior of rats. Generally, rats are engaged in moving along the same pathway, which further forms noticeable runs. Such a habit causes them to leave smear marks and faeceal droppings along the route. The rats often follow their previously traveled tracks and recall them by touch and kinesthesis, or muscular awareness or memory.
You will have to send for the rat control services when you know there are rats and mice as you have come across these signs –
    • Black and torpedo-shaped dropping between 10mm and 180mm in length droppings are visible.
    • The chewed food particles of fruits seeds, nuts, and more are found scattered around your house. 
    • The rat runs or travels paths on the ground or greasy rub marks traced back to the rat's secret shelter. 
    • Burrows are at notice, outside along the walls, in creek banks, under buildings, in staked materials, and roof insulation. 
    • Rats cause gnawing when they try reaching out to food sources or controlling their teeth' growth. Rodents keep on gnawing a long list of materials which include electrical cables, food containers, and woodwork. 
    • During the nighttime, you can hear the scratching, squeaking, clawing, fighting, and gnawing noises. 
    • The black and rod-shaped droppings between 3mm and 6mm in length indicate there are mice. 
    • The eaten foods like nuts, fruit seeds, and such are found scattered in the sheltered areas. 
    • Mice take to gnawing when they try to reach food sources and for controlling their teeth growth. They gnaw the woodwork, food containers, and electrical cables, similar to the rats. 
    • Scratching, fighting, squeaking, gnawing, and clawing noises are heard during the night. 
So, you see the solid reason urging you to hire the rat control services is to keep your belongings safe from the attacks of these rats and mice. Surely, you do not want to wake up in the morning and find chewed paper bits, wood dust, or fruit seeds scattered in sheltered spaces. It would waste an hour to clean. The safest solution to drive away these menace is hiring professional rat control specialists who are perfect in the art of dealing with pests by applying industry-approved solutions. 
Remember, the rats have the natural capacity of causing life-threatening diseases to human life, by spreading hantavirus, fever, rat bite, leptospirosis, and choriomeningitis. Equally, they serve as the reservoirs for diseases that get transmitted by ectoparasites, like murine typhus, plague, and Lyme diseases. Additionally, as mentioned,   rats are notorious for causing structural damage with their unstoppable need for gnawing and chewing. Make sure to check the crawl spaces and attic on a regular basis so you are sure to send out words to professional rat control service experts. 
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