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How To Eradicate Ants From Your House? Some Home-Made Tips For You

How To Eradicate Ants From Your House? Some Home-Made Tips For You
01 Oct2019
Ants can be everywhere in your house. They are the most popular pests around the world. Ants are still existing from millions of years. However, they are very annoying. They are generally attracted by all types of sweet products like honey, sugar cube, chocolates etc. Fortunately, they can be reduced by some household techniques. Let’s discuss how to remove them from your house. 

Use Home-Made Insecticides 

This the most common way to get rid of ant from your room. It is a very common method. In this step, you have to use water and dish soap for cleaning. Firstly, you should fill a spray bottle with a certain amount of dish soap and the cold water. Mix them properly. Then, find the ant lines at your room and spray the solution over the line properly. After that, the ants will suffocate and halt instantly and then wipe them out with a wet towel. Once you have done, clean the surface with a fresh cloth. This method is natural and also used to remove other pests. However, this is not a permanent solution. 

Use Water And Vinegar Solution

White vinegar is harmful for ants. So, it helps to remove ants from your house. Similar to the previous solution, this method is also very simple and cost-effective. You can make a simple pesticide by using water and white vinegar. At first, in a spray bottle, you have to make a solution of white vinegar and water. The amount of vinegar and water should be the same. When the solution is prepared, spray onto the ant lines for killing them. After that, wipe the ant line out with a clean towel. According to the experts, white vinegar is one of the greatest domestic cleaners. In Hornsby, most of the homeowners prefer this method to kill ants. 

Use Boric Acid

This is another common method that is widely used to eliminate ants. This is also a natural process. Ants hate boric acid. This acid directly attacks to the ant’s stomach and kills them. It is available in the market. Boric acid is a blue or white powder. It is a non-toxic pesticide. You just distribute the certain amount of boric acid where you see the ant lines and holes by using a dusting bulb carefully. Always wear hand gloves while applying it. Boric acid is also harmful for other pests like termites. So, it can be also considered as a Termite Pest Control product. 
These methods are mostly preferred by the homeowners. Though, these are not ultimate solutions. If you want to make your room completely ant-free then you should hire an expert team for professional pest control services soon.
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