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How To Keep Your Yard And Garden Free From Tick Infestation?

How To Keep Your Yard And Garden Free From Tick Infestation?
21 Jul2023
Ticks, in reality, are the arachnids. Do not mistake them for insects. Ticks belong to the same family as that of mites, spiders and scorpions. Ticks are guilty of carrying diseases, hence hiring tick control experts from North Shore is compulsory to keep your yard and garden free from tick infestation. 

How Should You Identify The Ticks?

Different tick species range in various colours including brown, white, reddish-brown, black and even yellow.  Adult ticks can be identified from their oval-shaped, wingless, flat bodies. Ticks' bodies swell after they have a good meal. They become round, looking like a corn kernel. Tick larvae have only 6 legs, but adult ticks and nymphs can be seen with 8 legs. 
When they remain in their larvae stage, then they are about the grain sand size. At all stages of their lifecycles, the ticks have gained the liberty of biting humans and animals. 

Why Do You Find Your Garden or Yard Full of Ticks?

So, what causes the ticks to invade your lawn or garden? Well, the answer is, it is depending. Deer and rodents can fetch ticks to your garden or yard. Once the ticks have visited your yard, they have already found an ideal habitat where they are fully free to establish themselves. Darkness and moisture are the favourites of all tick species. The areas rich in tall grass, plenty of shade and moist dirt are the favourite hiding spots for the ticks. 
Keeping your yard will make ticks establish themselves in the outer areas, where they have found low-hanging shrubs or ground cover plants for use as shelter. 
Saving your yard and garden from tick infestation is in your hands, and you can fulfil your responsibilities by hiring tick control specialists from a well-reputed firm in North Shore

How Do The Tick Control Experts To Eliminate Ticks From Your Garden or Yard?

When you have hired the tick control specialists, then be assured your garden and yard will be free from tick infestation. They follow a proces for eliminating the ticks through - 

1. A Thorough Tick Infestation

The tick control professionals are trained and certified technicians to conduct a thorough tick infestation. They go about evaluating your yard or garden to strike for the tick activity signs and find out the source to tick generation. In the process, they can determine the factors attracting the ticks to your yard. 
At the same time, they shall also sample the areas around your home for identifying the presence of other organisms likely to serve as tick hosts, the main of which are the small rodents. 

2. Applying Tick Control Treatments

After the professionals are done with their tick inspections, they start their tick control treatment regimen. According to the tick infestation severity, they use liquid residual products, backpack sprayers, power sprayers and more such industry-approved sprays. 
They apply a customized mix of granular products, aerosols, liquid residual products, and dust to focus on the home's exterior along with the yard's span. These treatments are indeed effective to drive out ticks in contact with your yard. In the end, you can reclaim a tick-free yard with pride. 

3. The Important Follow-Up Treatments

After the professional tick controllers are done with the primary treatments, they would schedule the necessary follow-up treatments for ensuring the yard is tick-free. They come up with a treatment timeline sticking to the schedule while continuing to monitor the tick levels on the property for the outdoor space to be pest-free. 
We are all aware of how dangerous are the ticks both for human and pet health. If the ticks are allowed to prolong, the dangers double of going out to outdoors for enjoying the fresh air. Before anyone is bitten by ticks and succumbs to rashes and infections, better to hire tick control professionals to treat and curb the tick population.  
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