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How to Spot a Termite Infestation in Your Home?

How to Spot a Termite Infestation in Your Home?
08 Dec2014
Many homeowners think that termites come around only during spring. However, if you to think this way, you are under a wrong impression! Spring is actually the time when they swarm allowing people to notice them. But in reality, termites are a year-round threat.
So, how would you know that a hungry termite colony is making their way into your house? Although it is quite tough to tell, there are some indications, which can help you know about their infestation: 

Wood damage

Termites usually feed from inside-out. A great way of seeing whether your house is infested with termites is to tap sections of wood with a screwdriver. If it sounds hollow, know that termites or other wood-boring pests have infested. 

Wood-colored mounds
Drywood termites live insider the wooden constructions. They are never seen outside their colony but they leave indications of their presence. They push fecal pellets outside their chambers and tunnels. These mounds gather on floor under infested parts of wood. 

Discarded wings
During mating season, termites often set out from their colony to set up new digs, after which they lose their wings. If those wings are shed in your home, they have moved in. Check the entry points of your house and window sills to look for those wings. 

Mud tubes
Mud tubes are the termite highways that connect your home and the soil. If you notice them, be sure that your house is infested. If you do not take necessary steps even after noticing, then termites can destroy or damage your household properties. Look for places like decks, gutters, crawlspaces, mulch areas and anywhere where wood comes in contact with soil for the mud tubes.
People living in Northern Beaches know how serious termite infestations may be. Prevention is thus always the best idea but quick response is important is infestation has started. That’s why we provide 3-level protection, which combines home inspection, treatment and monitoring for new termite infestation in Northern Beaches. So, if you notice warning signs, get in touch with experts like us to protect your property from getting damaged. Call us at 02 9999 5510 for assistance! 
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