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Interesting Facts And Removal Of Ticks

Interesting Facts And Removal Of Ticks
29 Oct2018
Ticks are very annoying insects. These critters can enter into the home through your pets when they go out on the lawn or the outside premises. This is because your lawns have been infested by ticks.
Ticks are one of the most nefarious pests of nature. They generally occur during summer. They can be found hidden between the tall grasses and wooded areas. Ticks can cause major problems by spreading fatal diseases like Lyme and spotted fever. 
Thus, it is important to know a bit more about these notorious critters to protect yourself.
Ticks are often mistaken as insects
Ticks are not insects. They are actually classified as arachnids. Some experts also say that they are relative to spiders, mites, and scorpion. If you take a close look, you will see that they resemble a spider with four pairs of legs and does not have antennae.
Ticks are real-life vampires
Ticks rely on warm blood to survive. This is why they stick to your pet's body and keep sucking till they are satisfied. After sucking their desired amount of blood they jump onto the ground and find their next host.
They are daredevils
Ticks do not fly. They prefer crawling up the grass and find a host. After this, they clasp on their body to suck blood. Sometimes, they even drop from a perch to free fall on a passing host. This entire process is called questing.
Ticks love dogs
Ticks prefer dogs as their primary hosts. Dogs are an easy target because they have furs on them and can be easily clasped while playing in the yard.
Ticks love feeding for a long time
Ticks do not easily release their host once they bite them. They insert their curved teeth deep into the skin so that the ticks can stay attached with their hosts for days. Remember, ticks generally require a day or two before they transmit harmful diseases.
How to control them?
Consider cleaning the areas which are prone to your pets. It would be a wise choice if you hire a professional pest control as they come with innovative ideas of tick removal.
Ticks are common in summer and may pose a threat to you and your pets. This does not mean you will stay bunkered inside your house. The only and the best solution is to call the pest control in North Shore.
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