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Kick Out Ants From Your House Naturally

Kick Out Ants From Your House Naturally
01 Aug2016
Among the most common pests that homeowners have to deal with on a regular basis, ants deserve a special mention. Many people complain that almost none of the commercial pesticides available in the market are effective enough to eliminate all the ants residing within a household. Sometimes, invading colonies are so vast that it takes weeks or even months to control and prevent ant infestations at homes
Fortunately, there are a handful of effective natural remedies that can be used to successfully keep ants at bay or decrease their number. You may need to use two or more of the undermentioned items simultaneously to get desired results:
Mint tea bags have been known to prevent ants from getting closer. In case you do not drink mint tea, make use of mint leaves as an alternative by drying and crushing them into powder. Either place the bags near these entry points or sprinkle the powder you prepared. You can even use both if you like.
The ingredients of a soap are highly destructive to ants. This is because they are power chemicals capable of dehydrating the pests by breaking down into their exoskeleton’s waxy layers. All you need to do is prepare some soap water solution and spray it near their activity grounds.
Though completely safe for human beings, cornmeal is surprisingly dangerous to ants - they simply cannot digest it. If you haven’t got cornmeal available at home, buy some from any local retail store and disperse it over areas where the pests are mostly active.
Table Salt
This substance is ought to be present in the kitchen of every household. But did you know that table salt can also be used to deter ants? Simply boil water in a small pan and pour salt in it. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and apply to the affected areas.
All kinds of citrus fruits, including lemon, are excellent ant repellents. Squeeze a few lemons dry into a glass of water and pour out the solution into a spray bottle. Spread it over the entry points and activity grounds of the ants.
Bear in mind the fact that these remedies may need to used altogether depending on the size of the ant colony that has invaded your house. For more effective ant control solutions, hire our pest management experts at R.I.P. Pest Management.
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