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Know everything about ticks

Know everything about ticks
05 Sep2019
Ticks are classified into five different species such as American dog ticks, Blacklegged ticks, Lone star ticks, Gulf Coast tick, and Western-Blacklegged ticks. They are commonly found in cats, dogs, and other pets. Many diseases like Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Heartland virus, Anaplasmosis, Powassan disease, Lyme, Tularemia have widely spread by these insects. They have four different phases to their life-cycle. These are mainly egg phase, larva phase, nymph phase, and the adult phase. Ticks are generally found in humid and warm climates. People in North Shore of Sydney get faced many problems from ticks bites.  Proper pest control is very much essential to get relief from this issue.

Common symptoms of tick bites

As we know that pets get mostly affected by ticks but also they are also harmful to the human body. Let’s check out some common symptoms of tick bites.
  1. Depression occurs
  2. Decreased appetite
  3. Find difficulties while walking and moving
  4. Vomiting
How to remove it?
When a tick is found in human and pet’s body then you need to take proper removal steps. Basically, improper removal allows for many diseases. Let’s check out the following steps for removal.
Step 1: Firstly, you need to take a tick-removal tool. If you do not have this then you can use a set of nose tweezers. Though, dull-tipped tweezers are not ideal for this task.
Step 2: While removing, you should pinch the tool toward the tick’s head and then pull it straight from the body with a little amount of pressure. Do not twist or jerk during removal. Basically, you need to remove it from the skin with care. 
Step 3: Once you have done it properly, rub the beaten area of the skin with an ice or an antiseptic cream. After that, the tick should be disposed outside and wash your hand with soap.

Inspection of ticks

Ticks are generally detected on the neck, feet, head, elbows, and knees of an adult. On a pet like a dog and a cat, ticks can be found between their toes or inside ears. As we discussed, there are different kinds of diseases that can be spread by these insects. If you do not take immediate steps to treat any kind of tick-borne disease then it becomes a severe health issue.
If you are getting the huge problems from ticks in your property then you should hire pest specialists to fix these issues. They use special types of pest control chemicals to remove ticks permanently from your property. 
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