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The Types Of Ants You See At Home But Do Not Know Of

The Types Of Ants You See At Home But Do Not Know Of
01 Nov2023
Are you aware, that the planet is the home to more than 12000 ants? Well, the count is enough to press a crawling feeling on your skin. You can find about 1200 ant species in Australia, and Warriewood even shares some space. Nuisance houseguests as the ants are, they indeed cause the homeowners and agricultural industry to face to undergo serious problems. Ant invasions are nothing new and if you are wondering what ant types are there and how should you get rid of this pesky home in your home, then this discussion will give you a good deal of information. 

What Problems Do the Ants Cause?

Ants are unwanted by almost everyone, and there are distinct reasons to get rid of them. Ants control services from distinguished professionals in Warriewood can save your property from subsequent damages. Ants pose health risks by potentially contaminating food. Maybe food contamination is low in rate, yet no one will want them at home. 

What Are The Common Type Ants Found In Homes?

Ants negatively impact outdoor lifestyles and the "Tramp Ants" are the main common types. The aggressive, red Tramp Ants attack, bite and sting. Some people might even face the risk of anaphylactic shock due to ant bites. If not treated on time, then Tramp Ants are capable of causing billion-dollar agricultural damages. 
Next, there are Carpenter Ants can remove wood from homes to make their nests, and it requires thousands of dollars for repairs. 
So, the Coastal Brown Ants, the Argentine Tramp Ants and the Carpenter Ants are serious urban pests. In fact,  they have more household ant pest companions, which are - 
  • Pharaoh's Ant 
  • Fire Ant 
  • Ghost Ant 
  • Black Ant 
  • Odorous Ant 
Ants live in colonies counting to ten thousand. Hence, when a few ants are noticed, then make it is clear that 
thousands of ants are lurking nearby. 
Ant colonies are capable of quickly growing into ant infestations. Once a few ants are seen in the house, then you will have to call the ant control experts. Often the pests have to be identified, becomes sometimes termites are mistaken for ants. 

But How Can You Avoid Ants In Your Home?

Yes, you can take a few steps for avoiding ants in your home. We are sharing some instructions, but if the ants are still stubborn then you know you can always call the ant control specialists. 

1. Keep Your Home Clean

Kitchens are the ant hotspots! Every now and then you might find ants climbing up the countertops. Once they find the type of food they love, ants would never leave sugar, protein and water. 
So, wash the dishes. Keep the countertops free of crumbs and related food debris. 
Scout ants love sugary liquids and maple syrup and honey are a haven for them. They would carry it back to their nest once they have found it. Before you can find out, hundreds of ants will climb your counters. 
So, after every snack and meal, wipe down the counters. Keep your food stored in tightly sealed containers that make it difficult for ants to gain access to. 

2. Have An Eye On Damp Areas and Rotting Wood

Ants need water, similar to living creatures. House ants and even carpenter ants enjoy the moist areas. Pooling water and dripping faucets are ant magnets. For the damp areas, check the crawlspace, attic and basement. Ants feel attracted by the showers with pooling water rotting windowsills, and similar areas. These areas are to be identified for eliminating the ant problem. 
Carpenter ants can easily tunnel through moist and rotting wood. Water issues should be fixed, and rotting wood should be replaced to prevent the carpenter ants from causing further damage. 

3. Never Use Ant Spray On Your Own

Never use ant spray on your own despite the commercial product advertising from supermarkets do help little, in other words, leave it to the professionals, who know which should be used.

4. Call The Professional Ant Control Experts

Despite doing their best if ants are not ready to leave home, then only the professional ant control experts can identify them and get rid of ants inside your home. 
Ants are the nuisance, that damage a home and often cause health hazards. There are numerous types of ants. Dare to wait for the problem to worsen - take care to eliminate the ant types as we have stated above. However, even if you are unable to, then you can always hire professional ant control experts.
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