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What is the Difference between a Rat and a Mouse?

What is the Difference between a Rat and a Mouse?
19 Sep2014
Apart from the differences in their physical traits, mice and rats are different in several other ways. For instance, the most critical difference is in the behavior between rats and mice. One is curious and the other is cautious. Rats are very much cautious and do not approach new items in their path until they get used to their presence. On the other hand, mice are quite curious and investigate the new things.
Mice likes plants and cereal grains but doesn’t feed on anything whereas rats eat almost anything but they like meat and fresh grain. Mice hardly burrow. They nest in the hidden areas near a specific source of food. Rats need ½-1 ounce fluid every day. If they don’t attain it through the moisture in foods, which they eat, they drink water. They burrow along the fences, under the buildings, under the debris and vegetation and railroad tracks. A mouse lives for a year whereas a rat can live for about 11/2 year.
When fighting, orienting itself or eating, mice generally stands up on their hind legs, supported by their tails. They are great swimmers, jumpers, runners and climbers. They are nocturnal creatures but you can see them during day time if their nests have been disturbed or if they are seeking food. Rats on the other hand, generally enter buildings through small gaps, toilets or broken drains. They climb for accessing water, food or shelter. These pests usually set and follow a standard pathway and routine. If new objects come in their way, they carefully avoid it.
Mice are color blind and have a keen sense of smell, taste, hearing and touch. They have a musky odor. Gnawing, droppings and tracks are indications of a mouse infestation. Gnawing, tracks and droppings along with runways and presence of burrows are signs of rat infestation. Being nocturnal, they have poor eyesight but have a strong sense of taste, hearing and smell like mice. They are basically larger than mice and have a coarse fur.
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