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Which Is The Right Time For Spray For Ticks In Yard?

Which Is The Right Time For Spray For Ticks In Yard?
20 Sep2023
Warm weather marks the call from outdoors! Spending time outdoors, especially on the weekends to relax cannot be matched to any other. But alas! Spending more time outside increases the chances of getting in contact with ticks. Most probably, you did not even know your yard was having ticks. You might ask, why not use the tick repellent spays and get rid of the ticks? But are you sure, it is the most effective and result-yielding solution for tick prevention? Remember, these tick repellents are short-lived with no long-term effects.
The better way to keep yourself and your family protected is to appoint professionals for tick spraying in your yard. The professionals providing tick spraying services in Northern Beaches know the correct ways to treat your property for ticks. They are aware of the tick's lifecycle and know the best and most effective time for tick treatment.

Which Time Is Ideal For Spraying For Ticks?

  • Typically, Spring is the ideal time for tick treatment. The female ticks start laying eggs in Spring.  
  • Wait until the snow melts and the ground dries out. May is the usual ideal time for tick spraying. 
  • Better is when the tick spraying is continued to a simmer and falls for tick treatment. It helps in killing ticks at all stages of their lives, and better before reproduction starts. 
  • The overall idea is ticks elimination before ticks are laying eggs. Then, a good count of the tick population will go down until next spring. 
  • During freezing temperatures, the adult ticks are dormant. They seize the opportunity to shelter themselves in leaf litter or bushes closer to the ground, that is where they have found warmth. Tick spraying for treatment in Spring even eliminates the adult survivors, while helping in egg elimination which were deposited in leaf litter.
As has been estimated, about 3/4ths of all Lyme disease cases take place when you are engaged in outdoor activities. The tick control team follows a tick spraying strategy in a yard. They emphasize keeping the kids and pets out of tick-sprayed areas for some time since the spray repellents could be toxic to them.  Nevertheless, the tick treatment specialists use the most organic and non-toxic tick-repellent applications. They bind the most effective and safe tick prevention and control plan to keep your property safe from ticks.
When the ticks are in their early nymphal stage – this is the best time of the year for spraying the ticks. Commencing tick spraying in May, or else early June does the job better. Generally, tick spraying once in late Spring is enough since the ticks' feeding and reproduction season is relatively short. Continuing till summer keeps the yard safe since ticks would be much less of a problem. 
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