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Why Do Ticks Take Pleasure To Come Inside Homes?

Why Do Ticks Take Pleasure To Come Inside Homes?
02 Aug2023
After spotting tick in your clothes, then surely you will be taken aback in shock! It is not late to realize that ticks have come so close after getting around your home. Often the pets bring them in. Do not feel shy to admit you can even bear the tick in you after coming home from your garden. But once the ticks find their way in, they shall start to explode in no time. You shall spot them everywhere. 
However, having ticks around is absolutely not safe, particularly when there are pets or small children at home. Ticks spread diseases, nasty infections, harsh conditions and even paralysis. However, eliminating the ticks can be easier and prevented from entering homes in future when you have hired the tick pest control team from the well-established pest control firm in Narrabeen
But, Why Do The Ticks Mark Their Presence Inside  Homes? 
Ticks get attached to your pet when you take your pup for a walk through the woods, go hiking through a mountain, or brush up against any wrong bush. If this same tick is rubbed off in the home, or let go away from you and sticks on a surface nearby, then laying eggs will add to the quick infestation. Ticks are capable of laying more than a hundred eggs all at once, thereby causing a massive tick problem once the eggs have hatched.
Most ticks species are incapable of surviving long indoors, but the brown dog ticks have good capabilities of surviving indoors. They remain hidden near the baseboard, furniture, window and door surrounds, rug edges and curtains. They start laying eggs there, which hatch onto any pet walking past, to derive their nutrition. 
Most ticks found at homes are always not from home. A large colony of ticks is there outside your home or nearby. After they die, the pets usually bring them home and you find only the remains. 
So, How To Prevent Ticks From Entering Into Yards? 
The surrounding bush or forests are chiefly responsible for driving in a large portion of tick infestations. Say, your property is backing into some bush, then ticks will be coming over into your backyard and targeting the family or pets. 
First of all, to keep the ticks out of your yard, keep your yard neat and trimmed. Mow the grass short, rake up the leaf litter, cut down the underbrush up to a meter into the bush when the yard is ending in the bush, get rid of brush and weeds, and remove all dense plants near your home. Move away any wood piles, bird feeders or bird paths from your home since these are attractive to tick-bearing animals. 
In the end, build up a barrier between your yard and the bush out of wood chips and gravel – ticks would not be able to cross these and enter your yard. 
How Should Ticks Be Prevented From Entering Homes? 
Not having ticks is the best way for eliminating the tick problems. So, you will have to hire tick pest controllers for preventing tick infestation in your home. At the same time, you can even take these steps – 
  • When you are leaving the house and heading to your yard, then wear bug repellent. Wearing bug repellents is a must if you have planned to walk through forested areas or places you are sure of containing a higher count of ticks. In this way, ticks won't be able to take biting attempts, and not even come home sticking to you. 
  • Keep the entrances free from debris and leaves, since these are good hiding places for ticks. 
  • Check your pets for ticks, especially during the milder dry weather. 
  • In your garden, use a tick insecticide. 
  • Vacuum all corners of your home regularly. 
Keep in mind, if left unchecked, then ticks are sure to cause immense problems. Most ticks might not survive in your home, but when you have found them in your home, then it is a clear signal tick infestation is nearby. Then, you will have to remain vigilant and make sure they are not present in your yard. Be careful of your pets and family. To better deal with the infestation, call up the ticks pest control services. 
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