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Why Should Schools Ensure Termite Protection Plan?

Why Should Schools Ensure Termite Protection Plan?
31 May2023
Similar to corporate and residential buildings, school buildings should be protected from termite impacts. Termite-caused damages are dangerous that ultimately lead to an outflow of money. Termites have the potential to cause unwanted damage to schools in different ways. On their journey, they damage the wood studs, baseboards, and door frames while destroying the books, boxes and furniture.

Hence, once the termites have come to your notice, here are the steps you have to take to ensure termite protection. 

Steps To Take Up To Ensure The School Building is Free From Termite Protection


  • The first and foremost step is hiring the termite pest control team providing their services in North Shore to keep the termites away from the school structure. 
  • Be careful of water puddling or standing near the school foundation. This is a strict NO.
  • Any condition conducive to termite infestation should be eliminated without fail.
  • Keep an eye that no wood is in contact with the ground.
  • Get rid of dead shrubs, roots and all other unnecessary plant life.
  • Never stack any wood or cardboard products against the building's exterior. 
  • Always Hire A Pest Control Company
Let us assume your management team is knowledgeable about the termite prevention tactics, but the termites can still attack the school building. So, a termite protection plan from a reputed termite pest control company is a smart idea. With an effective termite treatment plan, you can rid the existing termites from your school. At the same time, your school buildings are protected from future infestations. This is how your school is safe from the potential and expensive termite–related damages and repairs, which in brief are unwanted.
The termite pest control specialists know the areas where the termites are likely to be active and how should they customize the right treatment solutions for schools. After thoroughly inspecting the entire school property, they frame the right treatment plan to befitting the school's needs. Since they have the needed training and experience in termite threat treatments, they have the apt abilities to tailor specific solutions for schools and shut down the subterranean and dry-wood termite species.
The professionals even target termites living in hard-to-reach areas, like behind concrete and asphalt. When termite protection is the prime concern, then the protective approach earns the best grade.
The schools and public buildings should last for a long time so the citizens can receive the full benefits of such taxpayer investments. Keeping them protected from pests like termites and any other destructive elements ensures these foundations will stand strong and continue serving the public for a long time.

When Is the Right Time for Termite Inspection?

The termites should be tested to be sure they are existing in the school structure. So, qualified pest-controlling operators should be hired for inspections on the entire school ground once a year. The termite inspectors can detect the termites at 7 – 10 feet under the surface which constantly come up to the structure for consuming cellulose material.

Why Is Chemical Barrier Treatments Ideal As Termite Protection?

Chemical barrier treatments for school buildings are the best termite protection solution. The professionals apply the termiticide to the soil at a rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet. Termites cannot detect this chemical. Crawling through the treated soil, the worker termites contaminate themselves and unknowingly carry them to the colony in the ground. In this process, they kill the queen and the entire colony as a whole. When the pest controllers conduct a termite inspection once a year, it is possible to prevent structural damage. The building should be treated when termite treatment seems necessary.
Once the termites begin attacking the school building structures, the beams, floors, ceilings and walls will start to weaken in no time. Chalking out a repair plan at the soonest might not seem so prospective since the budget is always the concern. But hiring termite control specialists for inspections and treatment is always possible – this is the high-five way to save the school building and keep the termites away.
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